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The Site Build it Triple Benefits

For those of us who remember when we were new to making money online, we know that figuring out all the software & site promotion can be pretty tricky at first. And then add the site promotion into it…You really are talking about a pretty overwhelming amount of technical & marketing expertise that must be gained in a short time if you want to make your sites make money. And if you want to build & promote several websites, that’s even more tricky.

Ever hear of Site Build It? Outside of the internet marketing world, it’s not a household name yet. But, if you’ve been trying to make money online, you may have heard of Site Build It (“SBI). For newer online marketers, the SBI package may be a VERY attractive option because it combines multiple benefits & tools…all in one place!

1) You can build your site with SBI. SBI contains tools to help you build & maintain a website. Instead, you could spend a lot of time writing HTML by hand & then uploading the pages manually.  Using software to do your editing can be a major time saver.

2) SBI includes hosting. This is another advantage of SBI- you get your hosting included. Besides a domain, all websites need a host. AKA somewhere your site can “live.” While there are fantastic 3rd party hosts out there like HostGator, having it all integrated in one place is very nice.  SBI can do that.

3) You can use SBI to market your site. This is the part that most newer website builders stumble on. Once upon a time, you could just throw a website up & expect traffic & profits. Believe me, I remember those days. Unfortunately there are now 100 TIMES as many domains online as there were in the 1990s & site promotion has become a major industry in itself. There are now a million different ways to promote a website. SEO, Link building, PPC, Email, Affiliate programs, & much more can be very profitable ways to drive traffic to your sites.

Now, take a look at this package and ask yourself something. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all in one place?  With Site Build It, you can. It’s a true 3 for one deal.  And if you have an interest in saving time & being more organized, it can be a very effective means of getting started making money with a website.

Is a Free Home Based Business Opportunity Really Free?

In this period of economic recession, many people are looking out for alternative ways to make more money. Any good home based business opportunity is more likely to attract the attention of a lot of people as they seriously consider it as an alternative to their existing jobs. Most of us often wonder if such business opportunities are actually free or not.The answer to this question is NO.How Does a Home Based Business Function?Many people perceive that a home based business is one of the easiest things to do. The answer again is IT’S NOT. Even if an opportunity is presented to you for free, you will surely come to a point where you will need to spend money in order to make money. Apart from this, you will need the right mindset, determination and will-power to make the business work.Do not get carried away by the advertisements that are flashed on the Internet about becoming rich overnight. It is true that you can earn a lot from a home based business, but it requires a great deal of effort and learning from your part.Budget:Just like any offline business, an online business opportunity also requires a certain amount of capital investment. The budget depends upon the nature and type of business. You can either take a business loan or do the investment on your own. Just make sure that you invest your hard earned money in the right places. You might need to do intensive research on the business opportunity in order to come to a definite conclusion.Website:Owning a website is as important as owning the shop or a showroom. It is the place where you could display your products and services which can be seen globally. The popularity of your website depends on your website traffic. If you are new to this line of business, you will need to submit your website to the popular search engines or directories.Advertising:Advertising plays a very vital role in the marketing of any product or services. This aspect might eat up a major part of your budget but if the results are good, it will surely be an investment which was well worth it. You will need to be very intelligent with your marketing and promotions and hit the right sort of audience. There are many free advertising resources available online, but you might need to be watchful for scams.Why Home Based Business?A home based business opportunity for additional earnings seems like the need of the hour in this moment of world financial crisis. More and more people are shifting from their 9-5 jobs to a home based business in their quest for financial freedom.ConclusionFrom the above we can see that a so called free home based business opportunity actually requires some financial investment in order to maximize your profits.